The Warper


When the scientists predicted the Apocalypse, they were ready for the worst. A group of gifted kids and Jada Jemison, one of the best and youngest astronaut, were sent to a Space Station where they would be maintained in stasis as the last human survivors for as long as necessary in case no one survived on Earth, or until the day they were sure it was safe to return.

Ages passed, and all communications with orbit were lost until someone reestablished contact with the Station, but when the black box was decrypted, the stasis was disabled, and the people in the Station came back to life. Jada was determined to save the kids and not long after, she managed to send a distress signal that was picked by Artificer.

With their spacecraft and life support damaged, they had to run. Artificer, with the help of Stingray and Wildfire, arranged the perfect setup for the hardest landing in Jada's life. When she came back to Earth, everything was different than what she knew. With the help of the Underdogs, she and the kids found a place to stay, and she decided to join their cause as Stargazer.

Musical Style: Space Metal

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Stargazer survived to go to space and come back to the planet, making her fearless in arena battles. She is a "true support" pilot, and all her high-tech weapons have synergy to make your team - and yourself - survive!

Stargazer provides support to allies in the arena. Her Weapon 1 is the Orbital Beam, which shoots a laser forward - by pressing the [Q] key, dealing damage and receiving in exchange a charge for her Weapon 2, the Life Support System.

The Life Support System - activated by the [W] key - is used to repair her allies with a laser around her machine. Keep in mind that it's essential to use your Weapon 1 and deal damage on your opponents, so the Weapon 2 will gain up to 5 charges, which are required to heal your team. Use it on a teammate that needs more HP, triggering off a repair burst to keep the ally's machine repairing for 5 seconds.

Stargazer's technology allows her to teleport! Her Weapon 3, called Warp, teleports the machine by pressing the [E] key. Once it’s activated, the teleport destination will be the current crosshair position, so pay attention to that. It's a powerful resource to have a faster way to come closer and help allies or to flee from enemies.

The Special Weapon, the Entangle, spends its energy to attach the machine to other allies - all you gotta do is move your crosshair over a teammate and press the [R] key. While connected, the ally gets repair over time, and according to the damage the machine receives, more energy will be consumed. You can still use the Weapons 1 and 2 - [Q] key for 1 and [W] key for 2, allowing her to deal damage on enemies, or to heal other allies. Also, she's totally safe from injuries when attached to another machine.


WEAPON 1: Orbital Beam

Activates a laser that deals area damage


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