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In the old world, she was described as crazy. But when the APOCALYPSE came and turned everything upside down, she revealed herself as a brilliant scientist. Upon exploring every nook and cranny of the world, she used her vast knowledge and acumen to found Metal City.

The Sect, however, took the merit to themselves and spread the Metal gospel around the entire city, snatching people to the new faith.

Opposing the path of faith and fearing absolute domination from the metal cult, Artificer decided to compete in the HMM arena in order to prove that logic is superior to superstition, that science is the one that moves mountains and that it is only SCIENCE the one capable to restore progress.

Character Guide


Artificer is not the type of scientist that hides on the depths of her laboratory. At the drop of a hat, she gets it done. In the arena, she's always part of the combat healing allies or disturbing enemies.

Her passive skill, the Metallic Bond, ensures that nearby allies are constantly being repaired. That’s right, constant healing as long as you are close to your teammates.

The first weapon, Ride the Lightning shoots a thunderbolt that repairs allies and causes damage to opponents. This is her way to say “hello” to some and “goodbye” to others.

The Thunderstruck is pretty self explainable. This weapon creates a thunderbolt area that deals damage around the machine for few seconds. Right after using this weapon, you can run away to heal yourself with the Electric Engine, which thrusts the Artificer forwards, faster than any other machine.

Finally, the special weapon: Thunderdome. This attack generates an electric field that deals damage and pushes away every opponent standing nearby you. This is a great ultimate source to protect the bomb transporter and save the day!


PASSIVE: Metallic Bond

Repairs allies around you


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